Woman left with ‘worst tattoo ever’ after artist misunderstands her instructions

Woman left with ‘worst tattoo ever’ after artist misunderstands her instructions

Getting a tattoo is a huge commitment because, after all, it’s stuck on your body for life.

So, you can imagine why one woman was left in floods of tears after going to get her latest inking, only to discover the tattoo artist had misunderstood what she wanted entirely.

Izzy, from Boise in Idaho, was on holiday at a friend’s house in Pittsburgh when she went to a parlour to request an illustration of a mobile phone, in homage to Mac Miller’s 2011 track Missed Calls.

However, things didn’t quite go to plan once Izzy took a closer look at the inking and discovered that the artist had completely misunderstood her instructions.

In a TikTok shared from her handle @izzy38255, Izzy sobbed: “I just got the worst f*king tattoo. I got my cellphone from Mac Miller and told her I wanted it 2 by 3 size. She tattooed the fking 2 by 3. How do I fix that?”

A close up shot of the tattoo revealed that the artist had in fact written ‘2×3’ on the screen of the mobile phone, without realising it was a size reference.

Many TikTok users were quick to question how Izzy hadn’t noticed the extra writing on the stencil, but in a follow up clip, she explained it was a genuine mistake.

“I know I’m stupid, I know it was my fault but I have 16 tattoos, like I’ve been through this before. I live in Idaho and I’m in Pittsburgh for the week so I went to the shop that I didn’t know,” she explained.

“My friend that I’m visiting here has been to that shop before and never had a bad experience so we made the appointment and it was supposed to be fine. The 2 by 3 I didn’t see it on the stencil when she first drew it up.”

She added: “I wanted the cell phone to say missed calls for Mac Miller ‘cos I visited the blue slide park while I’m here,” referencing the playground which inspired his debut album.

“So I saw it on the paper before she printed it off. I thought that was for a size reference, I wanted it 2 by 3 size.

“When she was doing the tattoo she had me lay down flat with my arm completely bent sideways weird. When I did look over it was mostly just like her head, I couldn’t really see it.”