Sassy sausage dogs three minutes of dachshunds being total divas and melting hearts

Sassy sausage dogs three minutes of dachshunds being total divas and melting hearts

Sassy, stubborn sausage dog pups have grown in popularity over the years, and they’re a breed that know what they like and will go to any lengths to get it.

These loving long dogs very much enjoy a tummy tickle from the people they know and adore, as well as a Starbucks puppuccino with scrambled eggs on the side.

These silly slinky dogs have provided endless laughs for social media users with their mischievous antics, from sneaking through stair gates to refusing to go any quicker than their own pace.

So here are three minutes of chaos and eight stories about diva dachshunds that will make your day.

You’ve got a friend in me

Miniature dachshund Nellie Bean is besotted with her new cuddly toy that has an uncanny resemblance to herself.

The TikToker, nelliebeandaxie, stole viewers hearts as her owner showed them how inseparable Nellie Bean and her new sausage dog stuffy have become.

The pup has a real affinity for toys designed in her likeness, as the video shows her excitement when playing with both a balloon and a stuffed animal designed in the shape of Miniature Dachshunds.

But her best friend is clearly the teddy, as the pup is seen running and playing with the toy in her mouth, even cuddling it while she sleeps, all while the song ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’ from the film Toy Story plays in the background.

Pampered pups

Three sausage dogs called Peaches, Mitzi and Challah are quite possibly the most pampered pups on the internet.

The trio of daxies have their own lounge in their owners’ home , complete with a 24” TV, bar cart, fish tank and sofas.

TikTok user @ bam12008 shared the miniature room with his followers, and has amassed millions of views for his handiwork and dedication to making his pets’ apartment so beautiful.

The room features three dog sofas, from Wayfair, paintings and prints hung in frames at dog height, as well as lamps, rugs and pet-friendly houseplants.

The bar cart is actually a bathroom organiser spray painted gold, adorned with miniature alcohol bottles and whiskey glasses to complete the look.

Imaginary fireplace friend

This lonely dog was desperate for a friend.

The daxie puppy who thought another dog lives with him was left gutted when his doppelganger wouldn’t play with him.

Zero, known as ‘Zero the Doxie’, believes there is a dog in the fireplace that simply doesn’t want to have fun.

The pup sits patiently at the switched-off fireplace gazing into the black glass where he can see ‘another’ dachshund in the reflection, waiting for them to play.

Where’s my Starbucks?

Sassy sausage dog Harlee knows when her puppuccino isn’t Starbucks, and will refuse to drink from any other cup.

But her owner has worked out an ingenious way to dupe her into thinking he’s lapping up the popular beverage from Starbucks.

The demanding dog turns his nose up at a whipped cream treat in a regular cup, but the Liverpool pup’s owner has saved a branded paper cup to trick him.

After refusing to eat a ‘fake’ puppuccino, his owner scoops the cream into their trusty Starbucks cup, adding extra cream with ‘aerosol cream sound effects for extra convincing’, before presenting it to the pup.

Harlee – who has 10k Instagram followers – sticks his snoot straight in the cup to enjoy his ‘real’ Starbucks puppuccino, saying it’s ‘so much better’.

The sausage with 43 pairs of shoes

Biscuit the dachshund has 43 pairs of shoes – and dog crocs in every colour.

The five-year-old dog, from Piatra Neamț, in Romania, also has a whole wardrobe of colour coordinated clothes with matching hats, wigs and collars.

His owner, Lavi Roz has spent nearly £2,000 on wardrobe accessories for her beloved dog, with one pair of Crocs donning Swarovski crystals.

The daxie also owns 47 pairs of sunglasses without lenses, and poses for pictures which are shared with his 17,000 Instagram followers.

No scrambled eggs? Don’t want it…

Dusty is a diva daxie who knows what she wants, and it certainly isn’t kibble with carrots and peas.

This sassy dog wanted scrambled eggs for breakfast, so when her owner presented her with the dry food. Dusty quickly shoves the bowl away in a huff.

“Nope, get it away from me. I don’t want that brown ****,” the voiceover says. “I’ve seen what you’re having for tea and you offer me this? How dare you, it’s an insult.”

In fairness to Dusty, she just recently gave birth to six puppies, so perhaps she feels deserving of something a bit fancier as a hard-working new mother.

Dusty’s owner Chloe Booth says that it’s not unusual for the diva dog to refuse her standard dog food in favour of scrambled eggs, boiled chicken or fish, adding: “She thinks she’s Queen of the house.”

One speed sausage dog

Buster the sausage dog is well-known online for a hilarious personality trait.

The daxie has just one speed on his walkies – slow.

Buster prefers to take his time, making sure he really squeezes the maximum amount of enjoyment out of his daily exercise.

Perfectly happy to go at his own pace, Buster lets his more energetic siblings lead the way, trotting along at the back by himself.

In a video clip, viewers are first shown two of Buster’s siblings on their walk, both going at the same pace.

But then the camera pans back around 50 yards to show us Buster, who is trotting along at a much slower pace and showing no signs of getting any faster.

Can’t stop me now

A miniature dachshund was so determined to get upstairs to find her owner, she found an incredible way to defeat a stair gate and cardboard barrier designed to stop her.

Fifteen-month-old dachshund Nala followed her heart and managed to squeeze her way through a narrow gap in the gate.

She also maneuvered her way over a large cardboard barrier that was there to make it extra difficult.

In the video, Nala can be seen pushing her back legs in an attempt to get over the cardboard, and with a few kicks she gets over to the other side and takes no hesitation in rushing upstairs to her owner, Keira.