Woman shares photo to show the ‘truth’ behind perfect social media snaps

Woman shares photo to show the ‘truth’ behind perfect social media snaps

An Instagram influencer has shared a series of before and after snaps to show the reality behind ‘perfect’ social media images.

Model Nicole Sahebi took to TikTok to share her ‘proof’ that social media is fake, as she used a simple trick to completely transform an image, as the Daily Star reports.

Sharing the video with her 1.2 million followers, Nicole revealed she used the ‘Face App’ editor to change one image, and she said that many influencers use the app.

The first image Nicole shared shows how she looks with the filter applied, the second is without the app – and while it’s a subtle change it completely changes how she looks.

In the pictures, Nicole is pictured sitting in a car with a full face of glam, and at first glance, it appeared that Nicole had perfectly applied make-up and plumped lips.

However, the model revealed that this was just a filter.

She then took off to the effect to show that she actually was completely bare-faced.

Nicole shared another sultry snap of fellow model, Mya Ghorbani, in a full face of beauty products where she sported perfectly shaped eyebrows and long eyelashes.

But, again, this photo is not real despite it looking as realistic as it does.

The model took the effect off to reveal that Mya was in fact not wearing any makeup, changing her appearance entirely.

The beauty urged her fans that she does not use the app regularly but has just used it to demonstrate how ‘fake’ social media can be.

Nicole explained in the comments: “Guys! I personally don’t use the app on my pictures. I just wanted to see the difference because so many influencers use it. I paid for it just to see haha but then I cancelled.”

Stunned at the ‘proof’ of how ‘fake’ social media is, people fled to the comments to react to the video.

One person commented: “You’re literally soooo pretty without it! Your skin is so flawless.”

Another user fretted: “I can’t trust no one anymore.”

While a third person voiced: “This app should be illegal.”