‘My boss asked to propose at my wedding and I said no it’s my wife’s big day’

‘My boss asked to propose at my wedding and I said no it’s my wife’s big day’

A groom-to-be has found himself in an awkward situation after his boss asked to propose to his girlfriend at their wedding.

The man, 24, knows just how much his fiancée hates when people do things like that, but decided not to ask her, as he thought she might agree against her wishes, just to keep everyone happy.

However, when he told his boss no, he started kicking off and accused him of “bending to his future wife already” and warned it would “only get worse” once they were married.

Now, the man has been left feeling awkward, not wanting to put his future wife in a difficult situation but also not make life hard for himself at work.

“I’m getting married in two weeks and have invited my boss to the wedding. Yesterday he asked me to tell my wife to give her bouquet to his girlfriend – who happens to be one the bridesmaids – instead of throwing it in the air, and then he’ll propose,” the groom-to-be wrote on Reddit’s AITA forum.

“The thing is I can adjust with this, but a few years ago, my fiancée looked at one of these types of videos on Facebook and said ‘This is bad. People shouldn’t even ask the bride to help do this and put her in dilemma.’

“My fiancée is very kind and goes out of her way to help people. I’m afraid if I tell her she’ll say yes for her friend against her own wishes. I wanna give her the wedding she deserves. So I said no to my boss without asking her.

“He got really angry and said I didn’t even ask my wife-to-be and I am bending in front of her even before marriage, what will happen when I’ll get married, etc. He said he would get the perfect scenery for the proposal and all.”

The man then turned to Reddit to question whether he was wrong to refuse his boss’ proposal request without even asking his future wife.

“He’s your boss, not a close relative/ friend, so I consider asking to propose at a wedding pretty rude, but he became the a**hole for getting angry at you and insulting you and your wife,” one Reddit user commented.

“He just wants a cheap proposal with zero effort. I bet his girlfriend would be mortified if she knew about his plans to propose at his employee‘s wedding.”

Another added: “Even if you are good friends, proposing to his girlfriend at your wedding is a no go. Furthermore your soon-to-be wife already told you she does not like things like this. There is no reason to p*** of your significant other just so your boss is happy.”