‘I kicked my sister and her newborn out after she tried to steal my sons’ room’

‘I kicked my sister and her newborn out after she tried to steal my sons’ room’

A dad has been left feeling emotionally conflicted, after letting his sister and her newborn baby move in with him, only for her to try and steal his sons’ room.

The man, 25, has two six-year-old twin boys who share a room, and so he offered his own bedroom to his sister, 27, who was forced to leave her own home after finding out her boyfriend had been cheating.

“My sister’s going through a good time right now. She gave birth to my niece, Mia, five weeks ago, then found out her boyfriends been cheating on her the whole time and got the other woman pregnant too. She left their place with Mia and she asked me if they could stay with us a few days,” he wrote on Reddit’s AITA forum.

“My place is pretty small so only place I could offer is the living room, as I have six-year-old twin boys and they share their room. My sister wanted their room but I told her that’s their own space.”

The man offered his sister his room instead, but she still insisted she wanted the boys’ room as it’s a lot bigger and she would have a lot more space for the baby’s things, like the bassinet and changing tables, which led to arguments between the siblings.

“When I got home yesterday my son Noah was crying because he said his auntie took all their stuff from the room. Their toy chest, some drawers were moved into the hallway. She was trying to fit them into my room. I got so mad I made her put everything back,” he continued.

“I really wanted to help my sister with her dealing with so much already but making one of my kids cry and trying to take their room was enough for me. She was told to leave, but the issue is she has nowhere to stay with a newborn baby.

“She had to go all the way back home to stay with our parents, and since they live far she had to quit her job which means she no longer has a stable income. She hasn’t stopped telling me I’m a terrible brother adding more issues to her life and my niece’s.”

“She said she was only staying a few days, she was obviously planning on staying much longer. You offered her your room and it wasn’t good enough for her. You weren’t going to win here,” one Reddit user commented.

Another added: “You offered her a home, up to and including your own bedroom so she could have privacy and space. Beggars cannot be choosers. She has no right to demand anything from you, and trying to take something that you have given her your reasons for not agreeing to is incredibly rude.

“Your job first and foremost is to parent your own children. And protecting their space and wellbeing is part of that.”